SuperCharge your Terminal with oh-my-zsh

Supercharge your terminal experience with oh-my-zsh


You can watch this youtube video if you don’t like reading, everything is covered in this video:

iTerm2 — Terminal Alternative

Firstly, I don’t use the in built terminal that comes with the MacOS. Instead I use iTerm2 which is a terminal emulator for MacOs. Some of its features include Split Panes, Autocomplete and Search functionality. The reason I mainly like it is it is highly configurable.

Powerlevel10K Theme

I am using the Powerlevel10K theme at the moment. It is highly configurable and when you set it up for the first time you run through about 20 or so questions to customise the look and feel of your terminal.

Different styles available with Powerlevel10k theme
Different styles available with the Powerlevel10k theme
  • Instantly shows you the current working directly
  • Show git status of current folder you are in
  • Look damn cool!

Plugin 1: Zsh-z

The first plugin I want to share is Zsh-z. This is a command line tool that allows you to jump quickly to directories that you have visited frequently in the past, or recently.

Jumping from the root directory to a folder 4 levels deep in one command

Plugin 2: Zsh-autosuggestions

Another great plugin is the Zsh-autosuggestions and this is a great plugin for those pesky long commands that you sometime have to run in the terminal. For example I use this a great deal when working with docker. Docker commands can be remarkably long so it really helps to have this plugin which suggests commands based on history and completions.

See previous commands appear as you type

Plugin 3: Zsh-aliases-exa

As developers we are naturally lazy on certain tasks and where ever you can save some effort it’s always an attractive proposition.

List of commands available with zsh-aliases-exa


There are many plugins available for the terminal using oh-my-zsh and it’s really worth taking the time to explore some and try them out. The Terminal can (should) be a great tool in the developer’s tool box and the plugins available really help supercharge your experience.



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