What is the purpose of this life-force?

I feel like something isn’t right with the story we have been told. I feel the pursuit of knowledge will not lead to the correct destination. I have grown up in the western world and I have learnt many things. But for everything I learn there is always something else to learn. Whatever answer we get we reveal 100 further questions. I see the continuation of this path as futile as it will always lead to a feeling of not quite getting there, of never quite having enough.

Having said this though I suddenly think about all the good that has come from knowledge. Look around you (at least in western society) and we are surrounded by comfort and inventions that make our lives easier. We have food in our fridges and heating at the flick of a switch. We have roofs over our heads and clean running drinkable water. So much to be thank you and grateful for. Yet with all this technological advancement and acquisition of knowledge happiness seems evermore out of reach. Whoever you are and whatever you do your ignorance will always eclipse whatever grain of knowledge you feel you might have acquired.

This may be depressing to some people but I still have hope. I mean we have pursued this avenue long enough and see it clearly doesn’t lead to the point we might have hoped so now it is time to try something out. Ironically I am now left another question and that is ‘What is the next path to take?’. I mean there are many options open to me at this point but in this human form I have taken time is limited and I do not know what is beyond.

Which brings me to the most recurring thought in my life right now… ‘What is the purpose of this life inside me?’ I mean inside the body I am currently residing is a life-force. I don’t know if that life-force is considered to be ‘me’ or ‘I’ or ‘the self’ but I cannot extinguish it. I mean the very essence of life exists at this moment and it will do something because it exists in the very fabric of time and space. It’s impossible for it to do nothing so that is why this question keeps resurfacing so often because it seems I am in charge of what this life will do and I could direct it in so many ways. But all my decisions are based on data and memories that I have acquired from this existence so I am worried about the legitimacy of the decision that I will ultimately make.

All I know for now is I must go beyond the intellect and acquisition of knowledge. What that means in this physical dimension I do not know but I guess I must endeavour to find out.

Peace and Bliss to all.

Father. Husband. Music Lover. Avid Reader. Spiritual Seeker. Czech — Prague. Constantly Failing. But remember… don’t take yourself too seriously.