When I was 20 years old I was diagnosed with Chronic Renal Failure. This basically meant that both my kidneys had stopped working. I was ill. Very ill… I was immediately put on dialysis and just 4 months after my original diagnosis I received a transplanted kidney from my father.

It’s now 15 years later and I am back on dialysis. I had a good run for sure but looking back I can see I made some mistakes, pretty big mistakes that if I were able to repeat this time again, would definitely avoid. Obviously it’s easy to say this from hindsight but I guess this is how you learn the biggest lessons — from experience. I am writing these posts in the hope that I can pass on at least a few words of wisdom that will maybe plant a seed in other peoples’ minds and allow them to avoid the pitfalls that I encountered.

I hope you enjoy what you read, maybe reflect upon it for a while and that peace and love to flood into your life.


Father. Husband. Music Lover. Avid Reader. Spiritual Seeker. Czech — Prague. Constantly Failing. But remember… don’t take yourself too seriously.